Parent Volunteers

$75 e-gift card reward for parent volunteers

As a reward for volunteering, you will receive a $75 e-gift card from us that you can use to purchase Picture Day photos for you and your family. The gift card is non-transferrable. Limit of one parent volunteer per school. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The responsibilities of a volunteer include:

  • Helper: Helping photographer orchestrate the Picture Day, set the photo area and to wrap it up after the photoshoot.

  • Organization: Parents assist with getting kids to the photograph room in an orderly fashion. Making the kids smile when they pose for photos.

  • Clothing: Make sure shoes are tied, buttons are buttoned and collars lie flat.

  • Accessories: Straighten hair clips and make sure jewelry clasps are behind the neck.

  • Hair and face: Check that hair is neat and noses and faces are clean.

  • Ambassador: Working together with the school staff and teachers to ensure well being of kids being photographed. Ensure that no one except the photographer clicks photos that involve picture day setup.